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You Might Just Need a Do-Over!

Okay before you think this is going somewhere that’s it’s not, slow down! I’m not saying you need a do-over to get a new spouse! There—that’s clear! I hope! Staying right where you are and working to make things better is always the order of business in marriage unless there’s blatant abuse and unfaithfulness going on. I’ll also just stop right here to say that I’ve seen some marriages where people held on—even during those kinds of tragedies—and they saw God work and people change and their marriage become something they’d never dreamed it could be! So—--just saying!! God is always enough! But—back to the topic of the do-over. Love seems to fade in some marriages and people will visit offices like ours and make that famous announcement—- “I just don’t think I love my spouse any more.” I’d encourage you…..if you have those “lost love” thoughts, to DO OVER those things that you once did when you fell in love! Many times couples allow the flame of love to go out because they don’t date, or take time to talk, or be affectionate any more. They rarely touch, hardly ever kiss, and even feel uncomfortable reaching for their spouses’ hand. You may need to rekindle and feed the fire. You may need to pursue your spouse again like you did in the beginning of your dating relationship. You may need to recommit to finding new ways to show your love (whether you feel it right now or not)! Feelings and emotions will follow actions. So, if your loving actions have stopped, then you probably don’t feel the love flowing as it once did. I know that Jesus was talking to the Church in Ephesus in Revelation 2:4-5a, but His Words might just fit your situation today. Examine them and see. “But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first! Look how far you have fallen! Turn back to me and do the works you did at first…” NLT You just might want to try a do-over! It will absolutely make a difference. Take the first step! Don’t wait another minute to starting doing your first works over again!

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