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New Year--Same Us

We are several days in to the new year! How exciting to think about the new opportunities that we will have! As we travel down this road into a new year, let's not miss anything that God would offer us. Ephesians 5:16 encourages us to "...make the most of every opportunity!" So, with that----let's commit to regaining lost things and conquering new ground in the days and weeks to come. This year can be an amazing time of growth for you individually, for your marriage if you're married, and for your whole family----kids, grandkids, and all the others! To experience the growth that God has planned for each of us, there are a couple of necessary things we may need to do.

  1. Move past the past! The past (both good and bad) can haunt us or hold us captive. It's a new day! Forgive (by the Lord's help) if you need to. Forget (by the Lord's help) if you need to. Stop talking about the past. Stop giving it your energy and instead, focus on all that God has in front of you!

  2. Make needed changes! What are you waiting for? Most people know at least one thing that they need to change---the thing they've been intending to change for weeks, months, maybe even years. It is time to do it! I'm not talking about snapshots of change or short-term behavior modification. I am talking about a CHANGE!

A new year and a new day and a new opportunity is right in front of us all! What will we do with it? The best is in front of us as Christians, as believers in Christ! However, the "best" will only come as we take advantage of the opportunities granted! Go get what God has!

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