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  • Eric & Gena Boggs

A New Day

I don't know about you, but I love a new day! I love a fresh start! I love another chance! God has given us all of these! This last year was.......interesting (for lack of a better word)! So, I stand at the brink of this new year, thankful to be here, and full of great expectations. Who knows what the year will bring? (My favorite pastor just shared with our church that this would be a year of the UN-expected! I'm not even sure what to think about that yet. Un-expected to the good or to the bad? Well......he didn't tell us that part.) The truth is----as we all look with hopeful expectation towards our new day, we still live with the understanding that we just don't know what is coming. For some of us, there will be joy. For some, there may be pain. For some, there will be heart-ache and for others, long desired dreams will come true! Which side will you and I be on? I don't know and you don't either. But, here is what I do know. God is going with us in this new year! He is good! He is kind! He is faithful! He will lead our families if we will allow Him! He will be a hedge about us and an ever-present help in every moment and in every good OR bad un-expected thing! So-----let's enjoy the moments of this year---every day that God has given! Even if days come that are not what we would choose for ourselves, may God lead us and make His presence real to us in it all. Let us each hold on to our faith in God and know that He is bigger than we think He is and He will never leave or forsake us! We are not enough without Him, but He is with us---and with God----we are always a majority! Have a great New Day----New Year---and Fresh Start!

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