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Don’t Ever Stop Dating

Husbands—Wives—this is for you today! Don’t ever stop dating...EACH OTHER! (I just felt the need to make that really clear—just in case.) Doesn’t life get crazy? Schedules are unbelievable for most of us. The end of the day brings weariness and sometimes little energy. Weekends are used for catching up on all that we couldn’t get to during the week. Children plan our days and others’ intrude upon our planned quiet time. Every minute of every day can be taken before you even realize what has happened. Because of that, dating—after marriage—is often a missing factor in husband/wife relationships. However, the health of your marriage is tied to the time you spend together. It is tied to your intimate time and the time you spend communicating and sharing your life, thoughts and emotions. Don’t let the busyness of life steal all of your minutes away. Your most important human relationship is the one you have with your spouse! You will not be the best you in any other relationship that you have if things are less than they should be with your spouse. So—I challenge you! Get your calendar out and set a date time—day or night, weeknight or weekend, fine dining, picnic or fast food, 5 star hotel or a night at home with the bedroom door locked. Get your phone out and text your spouse—invite them on a date. Add a little emoji or two for fun! Take time to invest in your marriage! Everyone associated with you will benefit! Remember—someone will take your time. Make sure it is the person that God has given you on this earth to share your life with. Besides—according to Ephesians 5, this marriage relationship is to be a reflection of God’s relationship with His children (you and me). Let’s make sure we are representing well by having the best version of us we can!

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