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Don't Give Up!

We really do believe that everything that happens AT HOME matters! (Thus, the ministry name--Home Matters!) Every decision we make, every word we speak, every choice to follow God or to follow our own desires----every single one has an impact! It doesn't only impact today, but all of eternity. That's a huge realization when you grasp it! God's Word makes it clear that what we sow, we reap (Galatians 6:7). In the middle of family life, sometimes it seems that we have sown all we knew to sow, rightly, and we still come up empty or with questions or with unplanned, unwanted results. Can we just encourage you to keep sowing those things, thoughts, attitudes and actions that are pleasing to God? This sowing and reaping principle works both for the positive and the negative. So, the importance of continuing to sow rightly is of utmost importance! Just as well, know that nothing usually grows overnight. The farmer must be patient in waiting on his harvest and the fruit of all his labors. Again, God's Word is clear. "At the proper time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up." (Galatians 6:9) So---if you feel that you've been sowing and sowing the things of God with no immediate desired result, OR if you've been trying and trying with your children and they aren't lining up, OR if you've been praying and praying, to seemingly no avail----DON'T GIVE UP! Everything you are doing really does matter and those seed are really getting in the ground. Hold on to the promise of the harvest! Hold on to the fact that what you are doing matters--even when it doesn't seem to be making a difference! God is a God of promise and a God that never fails! The seed WILL COME UP! Just make sure you are sowing rightly!

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