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Exceeding the Ordinary

No couple starts out thinking they will be just another ordinary couple. When couples get engaged, they usually think that they have a love, an attraction, a commitment and a future beyond that of any other two people that have ever gotten married. Those are valiant thoughts and should be expected. I don't have a problem with couples thinking that way! In fact, I think there is a reason to hold off on the engagement if you DON'T feel that way! Here is the problem, however. Most married couples lose that "nobody else has it like we do" idea way too early in the marriage.

Ordinary is not a word to describe God! And---I choose to think that ordinary is not a word to describe the people of God, nor any of the things of God; and since marriage is a God-ordained, created, and designed institution, there shouldn't be anything about the marriage of two believers that is ordinary either!

We settle for ordinary too easily. We give up on the extraordinary marriage that we dreamed of. We allow the enemy of our lives to do just what God's Word tells us that he will do----John 10:10 says he comes to steal, kill and destroy. Too many couples say they fall out of love. Too many say they just aren't attracted to each other anymore and too many give up on the commitment and future that they once were so excited about. Why?

I think the "why" comes in the fact that couples settle. They don't live with purpose. They stop doing the things that they did in the beginning of the relationship. They are not intentional about making marriage better every day. They begin to focus on self instead of the other. They focus on only getting through each day and lose focus of the future and of the dreams they'd once dreamed.

I challenge every person reading this right now! Refuse to settle! Even if your marriage is good, God has more! He has more than good for you! He has EXTRAordinary! Awaken from your marriage slumber and return to the love you felt and the actions that you took in the early days! Extraordinary is yours. Rise up and get it!

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