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Got Stinking Thinking At Your House?

It's the absolute truth that stinking thinking will inhibit every aspect of life---especially home life! I can guarantee you that choosing to think on the things that are excellent and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:7-8) about your spouse (and your children) will change your home and even the people in your home. Now, if you are struggling to think of "excellent and praiseworthy" things about those people in your house, then you may have been focused on the negative things about those people for a bit too long already. I know! It's much easier to camp out on the bad stuff---the way those people in your house aggravate you, the things they don't do that they should do (like putting the bread back up after making a sandwich), and the things they are doing that they shouldn't be doing (like leaving the cabinet or closet door open). Can I just challenge you to think on the good things? Can I tell you that those thoughts you are choosing to think are creating a perspective that is changing your relationships---for better or for worse. Do you realize that how you think about your spouse and children helps determine how you love those people? If we always think in a negative tone about people, then we aren't able to treat those people in the same loving manner as if we have been thinking about them in a more positive light. Let's pray that God would help us see all people as He does! None of us are perfect. We all have issues. We could all do better in so many aspects. BUT---God loves us! (He LOVES YOU!!! If you are reading this and just aren't sure---let me repeat----God Loves YOU!!) May God help us to love others in the same manner as He does---with much grace, tons of mercy, and patience beyond belief! May God help each of us give so much more of that grace and mercy to others, especially those we are connected to in family! May God grace us to see the good over the bad! When the little things aggravate and stand out to us like a mountain, God help us look beyond those to the blessing that our spouse and children are to our lives. God help us find and think on the "excellent and praiseworthy" things----even if we have to look really hard to see them on given days!

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