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  • Eric & Gena Boggs

So Many Treasures!

There are so many treasures in marriage! There are so many things that God intends to bless us with in this amazing relationship. There is love, companionship, friendship, intimacy, oneness, laughter and fun--just to name a few. The treasures are revealed more and more through time and through experiences. Here we are....Eric and I are almost 36 years into this incredible thing called marriage and there are new treasures revealed ALL THE TIME! How are the treasures revealed? I think they are revealed as a result of loving, honoring and cherishing one another and the institution of marriage itself. I think they are revealed as we are intentional about marriage and as we work at being more attentive to our marriage. They are revealed as we make more memories and as we overcome difficulties and struggles together. As all this happens, the value of our marriage goes up and we have more reasons to cherish what AND who we've been given in marriage! Through all the experiences, we discover the treasures of love, companionship, intimacy, oneness and so much more! Keep loving. Keep pursuing. Keep being attentive and intentional. Keep your eyes, thoughts and body faithful. Keep making memories and keep striving to overcome all the challenges and in all of this---don't be surprised to see some amazing treasures pop up right in front of you! Marriage is a good thing! AND through it, God will continue to bless you and to reveal to you the many treasures that He's planned for you in marriage!

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