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Stuck or Stopped?

Marriage offers ups and downs, hills and valleys, times of fun and times of struggle. Any married person can surely vouch for that! We would all prefer the good times over the bad without a doubt, but with every season comes new lessons-----new things we learn about one another, new ways we can see God work, and new opportunities to grow closer and more in love if we allow it. However, sometimes--more often than not, we get stuck in those down times, the valleys and the seasons of struggle. Our love in marriage

seems to wane and we often settle into a less than status-quo marriage. We are left without passion and without the intimacy that we once experienced. If you are there---in the stuck place----I challenge you. Sometimes we think that we are stuck, but what has really happened is that we just stopped! In the hard times we often stop doing the things that we know we should be doing. We stop giving the attention to our spouse that we should. We stop showing love, touching, caressing, and showing care. We get distracted with the hard things of the present season and stop doing the little things that make a marriage thrive and that make a spouse feel loved! If you feel stuck, make sure it's not because you stopped! If you aren't doing everything you can do or ever have done to give attention to your marriage....... Get Moving! You might not be stuck. You might just need to start what you stopped!

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