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  • Eric & Gena Boggs

There Is Still HOPE!

Do you need some hope revived in your life, your marriage, your family, your future, etc. etc.? What in your life do you look at or think of and resolve that there is little chance of anything changing? For most people, there is something that they’ve given up on. It could be a relationship. It could be stable finances. It could be a child. It could be losing weight. It could be a habit that’s seemingly overtaken. Maybe you see God moving in some areas of your life, but are there still things you’ve just stopped hoping about? With Easter just passing, I am reminded again of the great hope that is offered us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ! He offers the hope of salvation of our souls and restoration of every area of our lives! Jesus doesn’t just take us back to a better way of life we may have once experienced. He takes us to a life we could only dream of without Him! As a child of God, better is ALWAYS in front of you! Psalm 33:11 “....the Lord’s plans stand firm forever; his intentions can never be shaken.” God has not changed His mind on His intentions for you. He desires to bless you, to walk with you and to carry you when necessary. If you’re struggling with any area of your life right now, you can know that God has NOT given up on you or anything about your life. In Him, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! God still desires to use marriage in our world today to be a picture of His great love for us, His children. He still desires a godly heritage to be established in your children. He still desires for you to live a healthy, prosperous life. And, His intent is to make all this happen even when we’ve messed it up; when we’ve failed; when we’ve given up and when we don’t deserve anything that even closely resembles a blessing! Don’t give up! There is still HOPE! And hope’s name is Jesus! Invite Him in to your hopeless situation and just see what can happen!

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