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What Is Going On In You?

Well.....we find ourselves in the middle of something that most of us never saw coming, right? A shut down, a pandemic, churches closed, schools closed, stores closed.....a toilet paper shortage (sorry----just keeping it real). What in the world? I expect that you and your family have as many questions as I do. Everything around me seems to be going crazy. I am trying to stockpile groceries when I can get them; paper towels and toilet paper when I get so blessed as to find some; I'm wearing a mask on my face and gloves on my hands when I leave the house; and my skin is dry as a bone from all the hand sanitizer! I am working from home. Things are so different from just a few weeks ago! And, nobody seems to know when this will end! So, I must admit, I've asked God some serious questions lately. And, God hasn't let me down. He answered! I just have to share what God shared with me because I feel like it will make a difference for you and your family right now. God simply said------ "It is more important what is going on IN you than AROUND you." I know----one little sentence. Maybe that doesn't do too much for you. But, it has changed everything for me! Let me explain. Everything around me is crazy, unpredictable, unexplainable, and ever-changing----day by day. I can easily get carried away with all of this. (Am I the only one!!??) But thank God for this simple reminder! What is going on IN me is more important than all of this craziness. What's going on inside will stabilize me and my thoughts. Because of my relationship with God and His Spirit that lives IN me----there is joy and there is peace. I can rest in Him. I do not choose fear----instead I choose faith! Faith in God---knowing that He is my source, my protector and my provider! I choose to use this slow-down to work on what is going on IN me. I encourage you to do the same! Lead your home and your family during this time---not out of fear, but out of the love, joy, and peace that is yours IN Christ. Work on the "inside" of your family and find that sure foundation. It will hold in the midst of all the craziness! Guaranteed!

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